Part of Darmstadt - the "E-Stift"

AGAPLESION ELISABETHENSTIFT successfully combines medical expertise and caring for our patients in the traditional belief in Christian Love. We are a modern health care facility, that supports medical progress with most recent technologies.

Health Campus

AGAPLESION ELISABETHENSTIFT with its over 400 beds is the second largest hospital in Darmstadt and fullfills the requirements according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. It is also certified with the quality seal geriatrics. On our campus we also provide further services, which is unique in the region - starting with our seniore residence to in- and outpatient treatment through to the hospice.

AGAPLESION ELISABETHENSTIFT is among the founders of the nationwide AGAPLESION group >, which includes medical care and nursing facilities as well as ecudational institutions. AGAPLESION ELISABETHENSTIFT is among the academical teaching hospitals of the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.

Quality by Tradition

AGAPLESION ELISABETHENSTIFT originates from the deaconess house Elisabethenstift established in 1858. The education of deaconesses was one of the main missions at the time and became formally recognized in 1909.

In 1933 management and deaconesses successfully rebelt against the facility's takeover by the National Socialists.

The bombing of Darmstadt in 1944 destroyed most the buildings, nevertheless more than 3000 survivors were taken care of every day. Facilities were rebuilt.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s further new buildings were put up and are still put up to this day. From the medical clinic, the psychiatry through to the senior centre. The main building was also successively enlarged. The new building for the senior centre, senior residence and the hospice was completed just five years ago.

Today AGAPLESION ELISABETHENSTIFT combines medical and nursing excellence, modern technology and efficiency with patient focused care. This is what distinguishes us!